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Stop Abuse Campaign and NPEIV join forces

NPEIV and Stop Abuse Campaign “call on all survivors, advocates, activists, researchers, practitioners, and abuse-focused organizations and agencies to join them in stopping abuse in America within the next 25 years”.

Domestic Violence Education and Prevention Updates

The Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Prevention Education Virtual Training Center courses keep us busy.  Stay updated on the latest in the training center, be sure to join our blog. We recently added some courses–look for the red arrows on the training center site. Additionally, we modified some scheduled dates through the end of July. […]

Peaceful, Gratitude-filled Holidays to all

Thanksgiving Greetings from our House of Peace to yours.

Promote Safe Stable Nurturing Communities: PROTECT Children from Child Abuse

Communities dedicated to create safe, stable, nurturing environments for children focus on child abuse prevention. They use the PROTECT Principle.

Promote Safe, Stable, Nurturing Relationships: Domestic Violence Attends School Daily

Teachers are challenged daily by children arriving unprepared to attend school. They present behavioral problems and other issues due to domestic violence in their home.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Build Local Coalitions

Domestic Violence Awareness month is upon us. What are your intentions to support or promote activities in your community?

Promote Safe, Stable, Nurturing Relationships (SSNR): Law of Attraction Language Works

Now, as I research what is happening with creating multidisciplinary coalitions to Prevent Child Abuse, I find the language of prevention shifted. No longer are the leaders in this movement pushing against child abuse with words like “prevent child abuse” and “stop abuse”. As we reframe our language to use “The Law of Attraction”, we move our clients forward to make positive changes in their relationships;